A Level Classical Civilisation Course

A Level Classical Civilisation Courses. New and Updated to meet the new specification. The study of classical civilisation is understandably a wide ranging and far-reaching one encompassing a variety of subjects; history, literature, linguistics, numismatics, epigraphy, archaeology, art, architecture and philosophy. Classical civilisation is the term applied to the civilisations of Greece and Rome.

The Aims of the Course

Develop an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the classical world.
Acquire, through a range of appropriate sources, knowledge and understanding of selected aspects of classical civilization.
Develop awareness of the continuing influence of the classical world on later times and of the similarities and differences between the classical world and later times.
Develop and apply analytical and evaluative skills at an appropriate level.
Make an informed, personal response to the material studied

Qualification: A Level Classical Civilisation H408
Accredited: Yes
QCF Recognised: Yes
Awarding Body: OCR
Start Date: Anytime - We enrol 365 days a year
Duration: Flexible - Approx 700 Hours - 2 years support
UCAS Points: Dependant on Grades

Course fees include course lessons & 2 years tutor supprt
(Exam fees not included)

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A Level Classical Civilisation Course

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Course Fee: Starting at: £399.00

What's included in the fees?

1: Printed course materials/course pack or online access (Select at checkout)
3: 2 Years Tutor support via email 
4: Assignment feedback and marking

What's not included in the fees?

1: Associated examination fees
2: Practical assessments - Where applicable
3: Optional study texts - recommended reading
4: Delivery if paper format selected

One of the biggest concerns for any potential student is the financial commitment involved. UK Open College recognise this and have implemented a pay as you study plan to assist students in spreading any fees involved with their course over a manageable period of time. Students are able to pay a deposit upon enrolment followed by a monthly repayment over a set period of time.

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Shapes and functions of different types of Greek vases
Historical development of Greek vase painting
Learn to recognise the features of the Geometric Style
Terminology for describing the parts of a vase
Impact of near-eastern design

Black-figure painting and techniques
Examples of vase painting
Development style and technique of Greek vase painting

The red-figure technique
Examples of vase painting
Development style and technique of Greek vase painting

The white ground vase painting technique
Three examples of vase painting
Developments in style and techniqu

The final examples of vase painting
Developments in style and technique of Greek vase painting
Comparing red-figure and black-figure vase painting

How free-standing sculpture was created
The origins of Greek sculpture
The use of colour by the artist

Four examples of early Greek kouroi
The portrayal of the physical form
The differences between the Greek and Egyptian approach to 3-D sculpture

Four examples of early korai
The portrayal of drapery on these statues
Compare korai and kouro

Homer builds tension
Plot development
Similarities and differences
Odysseus and women

The theme of the supernatural
The themes of morality, justice and revenge
The nature of Odysseus’ character
The Underworld

The deaths of the crew

Consideration of the fantastic, mythical or supernatural.
The theme of truth and lies or story telling
How classical texts can be interpreted by different authors

Aeneas and Latinus
Virgil and Homer
Turnus and Aeneas
The portrayal of the Trojans
The portrayal of the Carthaginians
The portrayal of the Greeks
The portrayal of the Italians

Thematic knowledge of the Aeneid and Odyssey
Plot knowledge of the Aeneid and Odyssey

It is recommended that candidates have literary and communication skills equivalent to C or higher at GCSE, though full tutor support is given throughout. Basic English reading and writing skills are required.

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OCR A Level Classical Civilisation - H408

UCAS points awarded upon grades achieved.  Visit UCAS here

OCR (Oxford, Cambridge & RSA) are one of most established awarding bodies within the UK. Predominantly aimed at 14-19 year old students sitting A levels and GCSE's for the first time or mature students generally looking to retake or achieve UCAS points for a university application. OCR provides students with a fully recognised qualification as provided by any further education college.

To sit OCR examination students must register as a private candidate with an approved examination centre prior to enrolment. Please check availability and exam fees direct with your chosen centre.

The contract for sitting exams is between you and the centre and we will provide you with comprehensive instructions on when and how to deal with the examination centre. From 2014 exams will be taken in June of each year.  Please be advised that all students are advised to check and confirm availability and examination fees prior to enrolment. UK Open College has no control over availability or exam fees charged. 

Course duration will vary dependant on student commitment, effort and ability. Overall guided learning hours are approx 700. This should be used as a guideline only and completion times will vary hugely.We would encourage students to serioulsy consider how they plan to complete their chosen course prior to enrolment. Students should think about how they are going to study, where they are going to study and how often. Be realistic! 

Speak to family members and help them to understand what you are trying to acheive, explain you may require peace and space to study at certain times. The more you involve them the more likely you are to get them on your side. Students are reminded that the time in which they complete is purely down to them as an individual.

Coursework completion can be as quickly or as slowly as you wish within the tuition period, however examination dates are not flexible and are set by the awarding body. If you require additional time to complete an extension may be available. 

Students are able to select how they wish to study.

Paper based: Receive your course pack in the post in hard copy and correspond direct with your tutor via email


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Q: Why can't i use both methods?
A:  Each method has been developed and written in such a way that having both will cause total confusion. Both formats are laid out and taught in totally different ways hence we ask students to choose their preferred method at the enrolment stage.

Reading List

You will need to own your own copies of the following texts:

  • Homer, Odyssey tr. E V Rieu, revised tr. D C H Rieu (Penguin 2003) ISBN: 9780140449112
  • Virgil, Aeneid tr. D West (Penguin 2003) ISBN-10: 0140449329

You will also need the following texts for your study of Greek Art and Architecture:

  • R. A. Tomlinson, Greek Architecture (Bristol 2001)
  • S. Woodford, An Introduction to Greek Art (London 2007)
  • R Jenkyns, Classical Epic: Homer and Virgil (Bristol 1992)

To achieve the full Classical Civilisation A-Level you will be assessed across the 14 topics. All themes will be assessed by 3 paper-based examinations. A more detailed breakdown of the assessment details is provided below:

  • Paper: The World of The Hero (H408/11)
  • Type: Written Paper
  • Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Weighing: 40% of total A-level
  • Total Marks: 100 Marks
  • Assessed: In-depth study one of Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid (The study of classical texts)
  • Paper: Culture and the Arts (H408/24)
  • Type: Written Paper
  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Weighing: 30% of total A-Level
  • Total Marks: 75 Marks
  • Assessed: Greek Art (The study of material and visual culture
  • Paper: Beliefs and Ideas (H408/31)
  • Type: Written Paper
  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Weighing: 30% of total A-Level
  • Total Marks: 75 Marks
  • Assessed: Greek Religion (The study of texts and visual/material culture)

In order to help students with the terms and conditions of their enrolment we have tried to keep things simple and easy to understand. No jargon or small print. Our full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

In our experience the main and most important part of these terms for our students is the cancellation & returns policy. So let’s explain these clearly to avoid any misunderstanding.

Firstly, we would request that students check the course syllabus and content immediately upon receipt. This is vitally important. Please ensure that any qualification awarded at the end of your course meets your needs. If in doubt call us on 0121 288 0181 to check before you enrol.

If for any reason you wish to cancel and return your course to us for a refund you are welcome to do so as long as you notify us within 14 days of receipt at the delivery address. Please email accounts@ukopencollege.co.uk stating your name, address, invoice number requesting to cancel. We will then respond to you with further instruction. If you have received a hard copy of your course you will be required to return this at your own cost via courier/recorded delivery before a full refund will be issued. If you have paid a deposit and signed a student agreement, you will be charged a £30 cancellation fee. This will be deducted from any deposit paid in addition to any postage charges incurred by us.

All returns must remain unused and in resalable condition. This complies with distance selling regulations. All students are welcome to return their course to us for any reason as long as we have been notified within the 14 days as above. Unfortunately, if notification to cancel is received outside of this period your request for a refund will be declined. This does not affect your statutory rights

Please call our accounts team direct on 0121 288 0181 if you have any questions regarding our cancellation and returns policy. It will only cost you a phone call

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