A Level Geography Course

A Level Geograpy Course. Geography is an important subject of study as it gains the student a larger understanding of the world and the way people interact with their physical environment and globally with each other.

New & updated to meet the new A Level specification 

Qualification: A Level Geography
Accredited: Yes
QCF Recognised: Yes
Awarding Body: Edexcel
Start Date: Anytime - We enrol 365 days a year
Duration: Flexible - Approx 700 Hours - 2 years support
UCAS Points: Dependant on Grades

Course fees include course lessons & 2 years tutor support
(Exam fees not included)

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A Level Geography Course

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Course Fee: Starting at: £399.00

What's included in the fees?

1: Printed course materials/course pack or online access (Select at checkout)
3: 2 Years Tutor support via email 
4: Assignment feedback and marking

What's not included in the fees?

1: Associated examination fees
2: Practical assessments - Where applicable
3: Optional study texts - recommended reading
4: Delivery if paper format selected

One of the biggest concerns for any potential student is the financial commitment involved. UK Open College recognise this and have implemented a pay as you study plan to assist students in spreading any fees involved with their course over a manageable period of time. Students are able to pay a deposit upon enrolment followed by a monthly repayment over a set period of time.

We would encourage students to view any related fees as an investment in their future. The majority of investments will provide a rewarding return over a set period of time. Once qualified and in employment students can expect a fantastic return on their investment year after year.

We offer all UK Based students guaranteed acceptance onto this scheme* upon completion of a signed student agreement. Shortly after paying your deposit our accounts department will contact you direct via telephone to gather the required information to complete the agreement. Once received we will forward a digital document via email for your signature. 

*Contact details, employment details and valid UK bank details with the ability to set up direct debit are required for all students applying for our pay as you study plan. If students are unable to provide this information any application may be declined. 

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Topic 1: Tectonic processes and hazards

The Earths internal structure
Plate tectonic theory
Continental drift
Plate Boundaries
Tectonic Mega-disasters
Prediction and forecasting
Hazard management

Topic 2: Glaciated Lanscapes and Change

Climate change
Volcanic Eruptions
The Cryosphere
Ice masses
Periglacial Processes
Periglacial Landforms
Glacial mass balance
Glacier Movement
Rate of movement
Glacial erosion
Glacial transportation
Glacial Deposition
Formation of lowland depositional features
Fluvioglacial landforms
Proglacial features
Water Cycle
Carbon cycle
Human activity

Topic 3: Globalisation

The influence of technology
International political and economic organisations
Special economic zones
Benefits of SEZs
KOF Index
Transnational corporations (TNCs)
The global shift
Push and pull factors
International migration
A global culture
Cultural erosion
Gross domestic product
Social measures of development
Effects of globalisation
Retention of cultural values
Fair trade
Ethical consumption schemes

Topic 4: Regenerating Places

Places change
Reasons for change
Measuring change
National & regional influences
Global and International influences
The negative multiplier effect
Media sources
Representations of place
Infrastructure investment
North-South divide
Planning policies
Government policy
Local interest groups
Regeneration strategies
The living environment

Topic 5: The Water Cycle & Water Insecurity

Hydrological cycle
Water stores
Types of precipitation
A Tropical Rainforest: The Amazon
Water budget
River regimes
Storm Hydrograph
The ecological impact
The water cycle and climate change
Rising demand and diminishing supply
Physical and economic scarcity
Water conflicts and the future
Sustainable schemes

Topic 6: The Carbon Cycle & Energy Security

The biogeochemical carbon cycle
Human Effects
Carbon Budgets
Carbon sequestration in oceans
Thermohaline circulation
Terrestrial sequestration
The greenhouse effect
The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change
The concentration of carbon
Energy consumption
Fossil fuels

Topic 7: Superpowers

Economic power
Military power
Political power
Cultural power
Natural resources
Hard Power vs Soft Power
Types of polarity
Geopolitical polarity and stability
Emerging nations
Strengths and weaknesses
The role of TNCs
Global action
International alliances
Arctic oil and gas
Intellectual property
Political spheres of influence
Conflicts in the Middle East
Importance of China and India
Economic problems

Topic 8: Health, Human Rights & Intervention

Human development

Happy planet index
Sharia Law
Bolivia under Evo Morales
Goals of development
The importance of education
Health & life expectancy
The importance of IGOs
Millennium Development Goals
Human Rights
The transition to democracy
Levels of political corruption
Geopolitical interventions
Short-term responses
Just War Theory
The effectiveness of development aid
Recent military interventions
The cost of inaction

Minimum of GCSE grade C or above.

Students are recommended to possess the ability to read and write english to GCSE standards, Mathematics knowledge also to GCSE level and be over 16 years of age. 

To sit Edexcel examination students must register as a private candidate with an approved examination centre prior to enrolment - Please note: The exams can only be taken at the centre ‘Tutors and Exams’ in Coventry, due to the complex fieldwork requirements.

Edexcel A Level Geography Studies

UCAS points awarded upon grades achieved.  Visit UCAS here

Edexcel are one of the largest awarding bodies within the UK. Predominantly aimed at 14-19 year old students sitting A levels and GCSE's for the first time or mature students generally looking to retake or achieve UCAS points for a university application. Edexcel provides students with a fully recognised qualification as provided by any further education college.


Course duration will vary dependant on student commitment, effort and ability. Overall guided learning hours are approx 700. This should be used as a guideline only and completion times will vary hugely.We would encourage students to seriously consider how they plan to complete their chosen course prior to enrolment. Students should think about how they are going to study, where they are going to study and how often. Be realistic! 

Speak to family members and help them to understand what you are trying to achieve, explain you may require peace and space to study at certain times. The more you involve them the more likely you are to get them on your side. Students are reminded that the time in which they complete is purely down to them as an individual.

Completion can be as quickly or as slowly as you wish within the tuition period. If you require additional time an extension may be available. Extensions are arranged at an additional cost as and when needed.

Students are able to select how they wish to study.

Paper based: Receive your course pack in the post in hard copy and correspond direct with your tutor via email


Online: Access our premium online cloud based learning system where you are able to access all of your course lessons, assignments and tutor correspondence in one place. Download the APP and access your course information on any device from anywhere in the world with an internet signal. Whichever way you choose to study is up to you.!

Please be advised students cannot choose both methods/formats. You will be required to select your preferred method at checkout.

Q: Why can't i use both methods?

A:  Each method has been developed and written in such a way that having both will cause total confusion. Both formats are laid out and taught in totally different ways hence we ask students to choose their preferred method at the enrolment stage.

Recommended Reading List: 

C Dunn, AS/A-Level Geography Student Guide 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards; Landscape systems, processes and change(Phillip Allan 2016)

C Dunn, AS/A-Level Geography Student Guide 2: Globalisation; Shaping Places (Phillip Allan 2016)

V Pointon et alEdexcel GCE Geography as Level Student Book and eBook (Edexcel Geography A Level 2016) (Edexcel 2016)

B Digby, Geography for Edexcel A Level Year 1 and AS Student Book (OUP 2016)

To achieve the full Geography A-Level qualification you will be assessed across the above areas of study. All topics will be assessed by three paper-based examinations and coursework. A more detailed breakdown of the assessment details is provided below:

Paper 1: 9GE0/01

Type: Written examination
Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Weighing: 30% of A-Level
Total Marks: 105
Assessed: Areas of study 1 and 3
Assessment format: A mixture of short answers, open response and resource linked questions. You will also have to complete a 12 and 20 mark extended writing question

Paper 2: 9GE0/02

Type: Written examination
Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Weighing: 30% of A-Level
Total Marks: 105
Assessed: Areas of study 2 and 4
Assessment format: A mixture of short answers, open response and resource linked questions. You will also have to complete a 12 and 20 mark extended writing question

Paper 3: 9GE0/03

Type: Written examination
Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Weighing: 20% of A-Level
Total Marks: 70
Assessed: Content from all areas of study
Assessment format: A mixture of short answers, open response and resource linked questions. You will also have to complete an 8, 18 and 24 mark extended writing question

Coursework: 9GE0/04

Type: Coursework/Fieldwork
Weighing: 20% of A-Level
Total Marks: 70
Assessed: Define a question of issue for investigation relating to the content in the course using your own research from fieldwork
Assessment format: A written investigation report of 3000 – 4000 words which is internally assessed and externally moderated.  You must complete a minimum of four days of fieldwork, which will be taken under supervision.

Please note: The exams can only be taken at the centre ‘Tutors and Exams’ in Coventry, due to the complex fieldwork requirements.


In order to help students with the terms and conditions of their enrolment we have tried to keep things simple and easy to understand. No jargon or small print. Our full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

In our experience the main and most important part of these terms for our students is the cancellation & returns policy. So let’s explain these clearly to avoid any misunderstanding.

Firstly, we would request that students check the course syllabus and content immediately upon receipt. This is vitally important. Please ensure that any qualification awarded at the end of your course meets your needs. If in doubt call us on 0121 288 0181 to check before you enrol.

If for any reason you wish to cancel and return your course to us for a refund you are welcome to do so as long as you notify us within 14 days of receipt at the delivery address. Please email accounts@ukopencollege.co.uk stating your name, address, invoice number requesting to cancel. We will then respond to you with further instruction. If you have received a hard copy of your course you will be required to return this at your own cost via courier/recorded delivery before a full refund will be issued. If you have paid a deposit and signed a student agreement, you will be charged a £30 cancellation fee. This will be deducted from any deposit paid in addition to any postage charges incurred by us.

All returns must remain unused and in resalable condition. This complies with distance selling regulations. All students are welcome to return their course to us for any reason as long as we have been notified within the 14 days as above. Unfortunately, if notification to cancel is received outside of this period your request for a refund will be declined. This does not affect your statutory rights

Please call our accounts team direct on 0121 288 0181 if you have any questions regarding our cancellation and returns policy. It will only cost you a phone call

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